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Aqua India 2014 Topics & Speakers
Topics Speakers
Status of Shrimp Aquaculture in India: Opportunities and Challenges Mr.Y.Ravikumar, Vaisakhi Bioresources
Genetics and Breeding programme for Stock Development of Vannamei Shrimp Dr Shaun Moss, Oceanic Institute, Hawaii, USA
The Importance of Shrimp Broodstock and PL Quality for Successful Shrimp Farming Mr David Leong, Shrimp Improvement Systems, USA
Status and Issues in Shrimp Seed Production in India Mr D. Ramraj, Padmanabha Labs, India
Strategies for Prevention of Inbreeding and EMS/AHPN in vannamei stocks Dr Dustin Moss, Shrimp Department, OI, Hawaii, USA
Designing Effective Feeds for Vannamei Culture in Asia Dr Dagoberto Sanchez, Novus International, USA
Future of Freshwater Fish in India Dr P.E. Vijay Anand, U.S. Soybean Export Council (USSEC), India
Strategies for Successful Shrimp Farming in Low Salinity Water with Special Regard to Feed Management Dr Pornlerd Chanratchakool, Novozymes, Malaysia
Scientific Basis to Promote Shrimp as Health Food Dr J. Syama Dayal, CIBA, Chennai
Global Overview of Shrimp Aquaculture & Certification Programs Mr Ken Corpron, Global Aquaculture Alliance, USA
Causative Agent of EMS/AHPN: Scientific Evidence & Preventive Strategies Dr Loc Tran, University of Arizona, USA & Nong Lam University, Vietnam
Prevention and Management of EMS/AHPN Dr Olivier Decamp, INVE Aquaculture, Thailand
EMS/AHPN and WSSV - the Way Forward Mr Ung Eng Huan, Biovalence, S/B, Malaysia
Disruption of Quorum Sensing to Manage EMS/AHPN Mr Alexander van Halteren, Nutriad International, Belgium
Diagnostics of EMS/AHPN causative agent Mr Su Chen, GeneReach, Taiwan
Shrimp Farm Management, Lessons from Other Asian Countries Dr Farshad Shishehchian, Blue Aqua International, Singapore
Disease Monitoring and Targeted Health Surveillance Programmes on Litopenaeus vannamei farms in India Dr.Subhendu Kumar Otta, CIBA, Chennai
Biofloc: a Possible Solution to Control EMS/AHPNS. Evidence from Recent Studies and Applications Mr Anil Ghanekar, Ecosecure Systems, India
Potential for Revival of Black Tiger Shrimp Farming in Asia Mr V. Manavendra Rao, Aqualma, Madagascar
Where are the world shrimp markets going and what should India do to be a relevant market supplier? Mr Ram Avasarala, USA
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