Aqua India 2016

Stakeholders Participatory Shrimp Aquaculture in India

Ms. Leena Nair, IAS, Chairman, Marine Products Export Development Authority, India

Sustainable Aquaculture: Challenges and Opportunities

Dr George W. Chamberlain, President, Global Aquaculture Alliance, USA

Indian Shrimp Scenario: Strategies for Sustainable Growth

Mr Ravi Kumar Yellanki, Managing Director, Vaisakhi BioMarine Pvt. Ltd., India

Regulating for Responsible Aquaculture: CAA's Response to Concerns in India's Shrimp Farming

Dr P. Ravichandran, Member Secretary, Coastal Aquaculture Authority, India

Forum on Shrimp Diseases: Introduction

Mr D. Ramraj, Managing Director, Padmanaba Labs, India

Shrimp Health in Asia: Re-examining Biosecurity and Risk Management to Mitigate AHPND and EHP in Shrimp Farming

Dr Celia Pitogo, Aquatic Animal Health Expert, iAqua, Malaysia

Emerging Disease Issues in Shrimp Aquaculture with Special Reference to L.vannamei Farming in India

Dr Shankar Alavandi, Principal Scientist, Central Institute of Brackishwater Aquaculture, India

Shrimp Genetics & Breeding: SPF or Not?

Dr John Rocha, PrimaGen/Prima Larvae, Bandar Lampung, Sumatra, Indonesia

National Control Plan to Achieve Zero Rejections: Lessons from Ecuador

Ms Yahira Piedrahita Falquez, Executive Director, National Aquaculture Chamber of Ecuador

Way Forward on the Sustainable Brackishwater aquaculture and R&D Initiatives by CIBA

Dr KK Vijayan, Director, Central Institute of Brackishwater Aquaculture, India

Freshwater Fish Farming in India and the Emerging Role of Tilapia in it

Mr S.Vaitheeswaran, Managing Partner, Svara Biotechnovations, India

Future Shrimp Feeds: Focus on Performance vs. Cost

Dr Thomas Wilson, Aquaculture Feed Industry Consultant, Thailand

Shrimp Feed Costs in the Indian Context

Dr Victor Suresh, Managing Director, United Research (Singapore) Pte. Ltd. Singapore

Importance of PL Quality & Nursery Rearing for Successful Grow-out Operations in Shrimp Farming

Mr S. Chandrasekar, Area Manager – S.Asia, INVE Aquaculture, India

Sustainable Shrimp Farming: Doing it the Right Way in Earthen Ponds

Dr Manoj Sharma, Managing Director, Mayank Aqua Farms, India

Shrimp Farming Version 2.0

Mr Saji Chacko, Senior Vice President, Onaway Industries Limited, India

Certification for Sustainable and Responsible Aquaculture

Mr Marcos Moya, Program Manager, Global Aquaculture Alliance, USA

Future Shrimp Market: Opportunities & Challenges

Mr Rajagopal Choudary, Chairman, Devi Fisheries Ltd & Chairman, Aquaculture Committee, SEAI, India

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