Aqua India 2018

2 February, 2018
Time Title Speaker
9.31 9.50 Welcome Address & Inauguration Mr.S.Chandrasekar, President, Society of Aquaculture Professionals

Session 1: Shrimp Production Status and Reviews

9.51 10.30 Key Note Address:
Technologies driving Sustainable Shrimp Aquaculture
Dr.Philippe Leger, CEO, INVE Benchmark Holdings, Belgium
10.31 11.00 Global Shrimp Production and Future Industry Development Mr.Dan Fegan, Operations Director, SyAqua Siam Co. Ltd, Thailand
11.01 11.30 Current status and outlook of the Indian Shrimp Aquaculture Mr.V.Balasubramanian, General Secretary, Prawn Farmers Federation of India
11.31 12.00 The U S Shrimp market: Structure & Price Trends Mr.Angel Rubio, Director, Urner Barry Analytics, USA
12.31 13.00 Honouring the Sponsors
13.01 14.00 LUNCH BREAK

Session 2: Shrimp Breeding: Emerging Trends and Requirements

14.01 14.30 Changing role of Genetics in Shrimp Breeding Dr.Harris Wright, Director, Research & Development, SIS Hawaii, USA
14.31 15.00 Tolerant Stocks for WSSV in vannamei through selective breeding Dr.Morten Rye,Managing Director,Akvaforsk Genetics Center,Norway.
15.01 15.30 Why do we need selective breeding of indigenous shrimp species in India? Mr.V.Surendran, Director- Techinical, Vaisakhi Bio- Marine (P) Ltd, India
15.31 16.00 Future Trends in Shrimp Breeding & Genetics Dr.Robbert Blonk, Director- R&D, Hendrix Genetics Aquaculture, Netherlands
19.00 21.00 Cocktail & Dinner
3 February, 2018
Time Title Speaker

Session 3: Farming Technologies: New Paradigms

10.00 10.40 WhyNow: theriseofshrimp disease both old and new as the major factor effecting farm profitability and the increased cost of shrimp to the consumer Dr.Robins McIntosh, Executive Vice President, CPF, Thailand.
10.41 11.10 Synbiotics...Back to the future Mr.David Kawahigashi, Founder & Director, Vanammei 101, Hawaii, USA
11.11 11.40 Shrimp Crop Pattern in India and its impact on Value Chain, Market Access and Profitability Mr.Santhana Krishnan, Founder President ,Society of Aquaculture Professionals
11.41 12.10 Nurseries - The means for better productivity Mr.Aedrian Ortiz Johnson, Technical Support Manager, Skretting Americas, Mexico
13.01 14.00 LUNCH BREAK

Session 4: Shrimp Diseases: Status , Challenges and Way Forward

14.01 14.30 Acute Hepatopancreatic Necrosis & Enterocytozoon penaei: Two emerging threats to shrimp aquaculture Dr.Arun Dhar, Director, Aquaculture Pathology Laboratory, University of Arizona , USA
14.31 15.00 Looking beyond diagnosis and quarantine for controlling White spot disease Dr Chu Fang Lo, National Cheng Kung University, Taiwan
15.01 15.30 Research progress on shrimp microsporidian Enterocytozoon hepatopenaei (EHP) and Early mortality syndrome (EMS) in Thailand Dr.Kallaya Sritunyalucksana, Principal Reseracher & Head of Shrimp-pathogen interaction Laboratory, National Center for Genetic Engineering and Biotechnology, Thailand.,
15.31 16.00 The Emergence of White Faeces Syndrome and possible measures to prevent it. Dr.Olivier Decamp, Product Manager, Farm & Feedmill, INVE Aquaculture, Belgium
16.51 17.00 Vote of Thanks Mr.Anil Ghanekar, General Secretary, Society of Aquaculture Professionals

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