As an organization of professionals, SAP has a deep interest in aquaculture education. The strength of the foundation of modern aquaculture depends on the technical and managerial capabilities of those who are involved in aquaculture as an enterprise. Both educational institutions and continuing education programs should therefore be equipped to impart broad knowledge and specific skills in aquaculture.

SAP’s intended mission in the field of aquaculture education is as following:

  • Promote aquaculture as a viable and rewarding career option for students completing secondary and higher secondary school education and provide guidance to higher educational programs in aquaculture
  • Offer those students who are in a track of a diploma or degree in aquaculture an option of becoming a student member in SAP
  • Expose student members to internships and career opportunities in the aquaculture industry
  • Seek opportunities to serve aquaculture educational institutions through guest lecture programs and in the review of academic programs, course contents and delivery