• 07 Aug 2023
  • Regional Aquaculture Production Course (RAPCOS) USSEC SAASA , Hyatt Regency, Chennai, India. 
    RAPCOS is a part of technical servicing and capacity building exercise by USSEC. USSEC partnered with Society of Aquaculture Professionals(SAP) and hosted the Regional Aquaculture Production Course(RAPCOS) at Chennai, India from 07th Aug - 12th Aug, 2023. This event had eminent speakers on Nutrition dealt in length on Principles of Aqua Nutrition, Developmemt of Sustainable Aquafeeds, importance of Soybean and its derivatives in Aquafeeds, traceability and certification etc. Over the course of 6 busy days, Aquaculture and Feed milling participants from India and Bangladesh involved themselves completely both during the classroom sessions as well during the field trips. The event heralds the beginning of Sustainable Aquaculture practices with the adoption of new technologies, development of trained manpower and usage of nutrition as a tool to handle diseases. The new era of Sustainable Aquaculture and U.S. Soy involves a heightened emphasis on environmentally conscious and socially responsible practices. In Aquaculture, this means optimizing feed efficiency, reduce waste and maintenance of better water quality. USSEC strongly believes in collaborative efforts to increase Aquaculture production to meet the global demand for seafood and Soy while protecting the environment and communities.