SAP offers two kinds of memberships: Life Membership and Student Membership.

  • A Life Member shall be an aquaculture professional who meets the following minimum eligibility criteria : an undergraduate degree or post-secondary diploma in an aquaculture-related discipline or 2 years of work experience in aquaculture. Aquaculture-related disciplines shall be biology, fisheries science, agriculture, veterinary science, food processing technology, or engineering. Work experience can be in any area of aquaculture : hatchery / farm inputs, laboratory, post-harvest technology of aquaculture products, research, extension, teaching and administration.
  • Student Member shall be an individual who at the time of enrollment in the Society is a duly registered student in a recognized institution of higher education for a diploma or degree programme in aquaculture or a related discipline. He or she shall remain as a Student Member until he or she completes his educational programme within the reasonable time required to complete the programme.

You can apply and pay for Life Membership online or by downloading the application form and following the procedures for its submission. Student Membership needs to be applied offline only and by downloading the application form and following the procedures for its submission.

Membership Benefits

Life Members
  • Access to SAP’s events at no or low cost
  • Opportunities for professional development through participation in SAP’s activities
  • Networking with top and emerging leaders in the aquaculture industry, academia and research world
  • Reach the strategic partners of SAP such as the Global Aquaculture Alliance, World Aquaculture Society and the Institution of Aquaculture and gain from their exclusive offers for SAP members
Student Members
  • A defined number of seats reserved in SAP events
  • Same opportunities for professional development and networking. Additionally, mentorship and career opportunities.
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